Teppo Lallukka

Hi there!

My name is Teppo Lallukka and I am a Finnish cave diving instructor. I have been diving since 1991 and teaching technical diving since 2001. I started cave diving 1997. In addition to flooded mines in Finland and Sweden, I have had the pleasure of diving caves in Florida, Mexico, Norway, France, Italy, Hungary, Australia and Thailand. I aim to visit new cave sites every year.

Currently I teach cavern diving in Finland as well as France and cave diving in France.

When I am not teaching, I enjoy multi-stage DPV dives as well as shooting video of caves. I am also working on building up a routine on my new Tres Presidentes PSCR. Most of my diving is done in cold water, but I enjoy a warm water cave dive with no gloves and no hood as much as the next person.

Diving experience

22 years of diving 1000+ dives 700+ cave dives 250+ DPV cave dives 700+ mixed gas dives.

Instructor certifications

  • 1996 CMAS M1 Instructor
  • 2001 IANTD Advanced Nitrox Instructor
  • 2006 IANTD Normoxic Trimix Instructor
  • 2007 IANTD Technical Cave Instructor, Trimix Instructor
  • 2009 IANTD Cave DPV Instructor
  • 2010 IANTD Multistage Instructor, OW Sidemount Instructor

Other achievements

One of the founders of FCDA (Finnish Cave Diving Association)
One of the main organizers for Technical Diving Conferences in Finland; Techu2010, Fitness & Bubbles2011, Techu2013
President of Finnish Diving Federation 2013.